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THE AMSTERDAM WORKSHOP WILL NOW TAKE PLACE AS A VIRTUAL EVENT ON  30TH NOVEMBER 2020.                                                                  A COLLABORATION BETWEEN WFIPP AND Bekkenbodem4All

WFIPP and Bekkenbodem4All will organize a free webinar on incontinence and pelvic problems: how to shorten the patient journey? This workshop was originally supposed to take place during the EAU congress in Amsterdam in March 2020, but has been postponed due to Covid-19. The free webinar will now take place on 30th November 2020 between 15.00 – 17.45 hrs. Despite the fact that this is a virtual event, prior registration is required!

‘How to shorten the patient journey?’ is the central question that will be answered in various ways. Healthcare professionals, Michael van Balken, Urologist at Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, and Dr. Martijn Smits, Urologist at Maastricht UMC, will give an overview of new therapies and innovative treatment options. Patient experts will discuss with professionals about how their patient journey could be reduced and compare the situation in the Netherlands with the UK. Other best practices will be shown: is it possible to reduce the patient journey for mesh victims? How can a theatre performance be used to reduce the patient journey for new patients? Finally, the WFIPP ‘Support InContinence’ platform which is intended to act as a helpful resource for all stakeholders, patients, families, carers, HCPs and institutions  who are in some way involved in the patient pathway relating to incontinence will be presented.

More Information will follow shortly.

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