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Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce ICS 2020 is going online!

We have decided to transform ICS 2020 into a fully online meeting for you to experience at home, while protecting the safety and well-being of all meeting participants. We will provide an outstanding programme of educational exchanges, scientific news and best practice updates. We will incorporate the aspects of ICS you enjoy the most.

For more information about the new ICS 2020 format, please click here.

Along with our work and everyday lives, the COVID-19 pandemic has also challenged our model of face-to-face meetings as authorities have continued to impose travel restrictions and physical distancing. We still believe in the importance of continence research and education. What we ask of you now is for your continued support and the time to make the required changes to our programme. As you know, the ICS is a registered Charity in the UK and the annual meeting is our main form of income, which enables us to achieve our charitable objectives.

Please continue your commitment to the ICS family by joining us online from 19 – 22 November!

EMA Public Consultation: new guidance on lay summaries of clinical trial results

As you know, EPF has been working with a multi-stakeholder group since 2019 on a new guidance document to facilitate the production of lay summaries of clinical trials. Publication of lay summaries along with the comprehensive summary results is a requirement under the new EU Clinical Trials Regulation. EPF published our position paper on this topic in 2015.

We are pleased to share the final draft of the new Recommendations for Good Lay Summary Practices, which is now undergoing a public consultation until 14 September 2020.

Feel free to disseminate this document to your networks, and submit comments through the following web link.

Through the link you can access two documents:

1. The Recommendations document for your review (PDF)

2. A template to submit your comments (Word)

Please send any comments you may have using the template to

Next steps:

  • The multi-stakeholder group will review and integrate feedback from the public consultation during September-October

  • We expect to finalise the document soon afterwards and release it in December 2020.

Announcement: A taste of World Continence Week 2020 –  virtual pre-meeting 15th to 21st June 2020

The WFIPP Executive Council has decided to introduce an extra dimension to the customary World Continence Week, which the WFIPP has organized each year for the past 3 years

The original idea was for WCW 2020 to have coincided with the 2nd WFIPP International Forum scheduled to take place 15th and 16th June in Warsaw, Poland. This has now been postponed until later on in 2020 (providing a physical meeting will be possible) so we are now planning this virtual somewhat different ‘taster’ session.

As part of the originally planned World Continence Week (15th to 21st June),  WFIPP is keen to generate awareness on incontinence and offer information and tools that are useful for improving  patients’ quality of life so they feel that they have our support. Evidence shows from what we are hearing and observing that there is a dire need on the part of patients, carers, healthcare providers, etc. to know that someone out there is well aware of their particular situation and that we care: #youarenotalone,#donotsufferinsilence, #youarenotforgotten,  by way of examples.

Given the current circumstances of COVID-19, we vehemently believe that the most appropriate channels available to us at present are the digital ones. In turn these global channels will allow us to reach more patients through the communication work of our member organizations, associates and of course all interested parties and stakeholders.

Weekly activities, website project: practical steps

WFIPP will launch a microsite with an day-by-day activity calendar. Each day will focus on a topic linked to the interests of incontinent patients, such as socialising, diet, physical activity, available treatments, coping with the stigmas associated with incontinence and learning to deal with different moods. Daily activities with practical tools will be proposed too.

Our aim is for patients to discover activities and tools in different formats, such as videos with pelvic floor exercises, infographics with useful data, articles on treatment solutions, advice on emotional issues, relaxation exercises, and more, all presented with an informal, lively and highly visual approach.

The content will be very intuitive and easy to use and in a single scroll-down page. All content will be grouped by day of the week and will be in English. All material will be freely available via a ‘landing page’.

WFIPP will monitor and manage this pre-WCW project.

Engagement with WFIPP members and associates

The special landing page and calendar for this pre-WCW week will be shared globally with WFIPP members, scientific institutions and all other interested parties and associate organisations for them to disseminate accordingly.

The EAU20 Virtual Congress (17-19 July)

On Friday to Sunday 17-19 July,  the  EAU20  Virtual Congress will be online.  A three-day schedule of plenary sessions,  interactive moderation,  live panel discussions and much more. The programme will feature the latest and best in scientific content. We will keep you informed on new developments regarding the Congress.  All the ABSTRACTS  that were accepted for EAU20 are now available online! EAU members and everyone with a full registration for EAU20 can access them from today in the  EAU20 Resource Centre.  We will keep you informed on new developments  and you will find answers to your questions at EAU20 FAQ

27 July: UROwebinar on the Management of BPO

27 July: UROwebinar on the Management of BPO

This year, the European School of Urology redesigned its popular courses typically held onsite during EAU’s annual congresses into UROwebinars. You can register now for free!

  • Management of BPO: From medical to surgical treatment, including setbacks and operative solutions (SOS)
    Presenters: Mr. V.A.C. Ramani, Prof. S. Ahyai, and Dr. T.R.W. Herrmann
    Date: Monday, 27 July 2020
    Time: 18:30 to 19:30 (CET)

The 3rd day of EAU20 Theme Week sessions will focus on functional urology.

  • Poster Session 3:
    Surgical options in functional urology: Shaping the future
    Date: Wednesday, 22 July 2020
    Time: 17:00 to 17:45 (CEST)
  • Video Session 3: Advanced reconstructive surgery
    Date: Wednesday, 22 July 2020
    18:45 – 19:15 (CEST)

EAU20 Virtual Congress and EAU20 Theme Week,

18 July: EAU20 Virtual Congress
  • Plenary Session 4: Bladder dysfunction, storage symptoms and benign prostatic disease
    Date: Saturday, 18 July 2020
    Time: 13:20 – 15:00 (CEST)Experts will discuss current medical and surgical solutions, advances in the therapies of male lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), and key pathophysiological concepts underlying male LUTS.


EMA Annual Training Day: call for expression of interest

The European Medicines’ Agency’s (EMA) annual training day will take place online on 23 October 2020 between 9h and 13h (CET) using Adobe Connect. 

An introductory presentation describing the role and activities of the European Medicines Agency followed by more information on how patients and healthcare professionals can be and are involved.

This will be followed by a session using examples of documents that are reviewed by patients and healthcare professionals. This activity will be facilitated by a member of the EMA staff.

The aim of the session is to discuss how participants think they could contribute to the issues highlighted in the documents as well as a good opportunity to ask any questions.

Please note, that this call for interest is open to EPF Members only, and participants must be living in the EU.

The deadline for expression of interest is 21 July 2020.

Please submit your expression of interest to EPF’s Director of Policy Kaisa Immonen ( and let us know if you have any other questions.

Day 6 of this activity-filled WFIPP virtual  World Continence Week!

So far a resounding success thanks to so many people actually taking a peek. Just 2 more days to go….

Today’s topics include how to cope with the social and emotional impact of incontinence, nutrition and health and more compelling personal testimonials.

Day 6 of an intense, interesting week!

Day 5 of our virtual  World Continence Week!

Participation so far has been fantastic!  Let’s keep it that way with your help!  More interesting topics discussed today, among which you’ll find a different approach to exercising pelvic muscles.  And don’t forget — if you missed something or want to see it again, all content scheduled up to now is visible whenever you want to review it.

DAY 3 and counting

World Continence Week is on its fourth day!

Is this your first visit?  No worries!  You can go back to day 1 and view all that we’ve done so far!

Day 4 and active!

What is on today: Female incontinence,Interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome,Male incontinece & prostate health,Before & after a prostate surgery

World Continence Week is on its fourth day!

Thanks to all who are visiting us, helping us make this event a success!

DAY 3 and counting

Today's topics: Ageing, paediatrics and bedwetting, Kegel exercises

DAY 3 and counting

World Continence Week is starting its third day!

We’ve had great results so far, thanks to the many who have participated in the first two days.

DAY 2!

Log on to to check out today’s  #WCW20  content!  And remember —  we’ll be activating new content each day this week!

Each day, as from Monday 15th June, is packed with all kinds of information about bladder and bowel  continence and bladder pain issues. There is a huge variety of topics in the form of scientific and other articles, videos, visuals, infographics, blogs ,podcasts, testimonials and more.

Something for everyone!

World Continence Sneak Peek Week is now active


 ‘LIVE’ until Sunday 21st June!


A preview of World Continence Week 2020 full of activities and content to brighten up your days#WCW2020 #SneakPeekWCW20 #ContinenceMatters

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