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Going back in time

As promised,  we will be updating the info on the activities that WFIP will be involved in.  Starting from the latest, last week, 6 and 7 November, WFIP participated in a two-day event in Brussels.

PAE ran a workshop on Pain and Stigma, conducted by Marion Nicholson, which highlighted the difficulties incurred by people affected by chronic pain in their daily life, be it at home, socializing or more important, in the workplace.

The same evening, there was an award ceremony, “EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain — Collection of Good Practices”.

On November 7, the SIP Symposium which discussed issues such as national pain plans as documented by EU surveys, how “pain” is considered on the EU agenda, the current  status in pain research and education.

The event was an excellent opportunity to meet up with previous contacts who had expresssed interest in WFIP and new contacts with whom common issues to discuss were found.

We will be updating on the outcome of the event.


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