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The EAU20 Virtual Congress (17-19 July)

On Friday to Sunday 17-19 July,  the  EAU20  Virtual Congress will be online.  A three-day schedule of plenary sessions,  interactive moderation,  live panel discussions and much more. The programme will feature the latest and best in scientific content. We will keep you informed on new developments regarding the Congress.  All the ABSTRACTS  that were accepted for EAU20 are now available online! EAU members and everyone with a full registration for EAU20 can access them from today in the  EAU20 Resource Centre.  We will keep you informed on new developments  and you will find answers to your questions at EAU20 FAQ


3rd June 2019, Barcelona, Spain
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Location: Madrid, Ministry of National Health Date: 11th December 2018
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IUGA Public Forum

Location: Vienna (Austria) Date: 06-05-2018
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Location: Mahon (Spain) Date: 06-05-2018
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Announcement: A taste of World Continence Week 2020 –  virtual pre-meeting 15th to 21st June 2020

The WFIPP Executive Council has decided to introduce an extra dimension to the customary World Continence Week, which the WFIPP has organized each year for the past 3 years

The original idea was for WCW 2020 to have coincided with the 2nd WFIPP International Forum scheduled to take place 15th and 16th June in Warsaw, Poland. This has now been postponed until later on in 2020 (providing a physical meeting will be possible) so we are now planning this virtual somewhat different ‘taster’ session.

As part of the originally planned World Continence Week (15th to 21st June),  WFIPP is keen to generate awareness on incontinence and offer information and tools that are useful for improving  patients’ quality of life so they feel that they have our support. Evidence shows from what we are hearing and observing that there is a dire need on the part of patients, carers, healthcare providers, etc. to know that someone out there is well aware of their particular situation and that we care: #youarenotalone,#donotsufferinsilence, #youarenotforgotten,  by way of examples.

Given the current circumstances of COVID-19, we vehemently believe that the most appropriate channels available to us at present are the digital ones. In turn these global channels will allow us to reach more patients through the communication work of our member organizations, associates and of course all interested parties and stakeholders.

Weekly activities, website project: practical steps

WFIPP will launch a microsite with an day-by-day activity calendar. Each day will focus on a topic linked to the interests of incontinent patients, such as socialising, diet, physical activity, available treatments, coping with the stigmas associated with incontinence and learning to deal with different moods. Daily activities with practical tools will be proposed too.

Our aim is for patients to discover activities and tools in different formats, such as videos with pelvic floor exercises, infographics with useful data, articles on treatment solutions, advice on emotional issues, relaxation exercises, and more, all presented with an informal, lively and highly visual approach.

The content will be very intuitive and easy to use and in a single scroll-down page. All content will be grouped by day of the week and will be in English. All material will be freely available via a ‘landing page’.

WFIPP will monitor and manage this pre-WCW project.

Engagement with WFIPP members and associates

The special landing page and calendar for this pre-WCW week will be shared globally with WFIPP members, scientific institutions and all other interested parties and associate organisations for them to disseminate accordingly.

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