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WFIP International Workshop, Budapest, 12th May

Save the date and sign up: WFIP International Workshop, Budapest   More details about this…

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WFIP UK Workshop, London, 25th February

Registration Pre-registration is required by email as per the details below. Numbers are strictly limited…

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WFIP event Amsterdam — March 24, 2020 — Invitation — Save the Date!

Save the date and sign up: WFIP WORKSHOP EAU WFIP event in collaboration with Bekkenbodem4All…

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World Antibiotic Awareness Week

This week is " World Antibiotic Awareness Week".

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SIP symposium, 2019

WFIP was present at this very important event, and came back full of new ideas,…

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Going back in time

As promised,  we will be updating the info on the activities that WFIP will be…

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On the go!

WFIP has been on the go for the last few months with being present at…

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15th – 17th October WFIP at The Festival of Biologics, Basel

15th – 17th October WFIP  at The Festival of Biologics, Basel   The president of…

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Please see below this very important report and presentation regarding assistive techology (pads) for incontinence…

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For people living with incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction, WFIP’s mission is to:


The WFIP is mostly comprised of patient advocacy organizations, though doctors, non-government organizations, and non-commercial entities are welcome to become members of the WFIP. If you want to join us, please contact us here.

Be the patient voice
Be heard in society and by policy-makers
Be a global umbrella for national organizations
Encourage an open public debate and break stigma and taboos
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