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WFF Hospital Opening

Nancy Muller, executive director of the National Association For Continence, recently ventured Niger for the opening celebration of the Danja fistula hospital which officially opened its doors and began treating women affected by an obstetric fistula. The hospital was built with funding from the Worldwide Fistula Fund (WFF) on whose Board of Directors Muller now serves. The WFF is a non-profit organization that provides exceptional health care services for women suffering from and at risk of obstetric fistula in sub-Saharan Africa. The plight of these women has been publicized by the WFIP.

The Danja Fistula Center functions as a training and research center for medical professionals, while providing short-term surgical services to women suffering from a fistula, or hole in the bladder. Free care is provided by a highly trained staff. Temporary housing and meals are provided for women who have traveled long distances and are awaiting diagnosis and surgery.

Over the next five years, the Center plans to:

  • Provide care for up to 2,500 women with fistula repair
  • Train at least 30 doctors from Niger and African countries in fistula repair
  • Develop community-based programs to aid in the prevention of prolonged, obstructed labor (the major cause of fistula)
  • Institue innovative rehabilitation programs to help fistula patients pursure economic opportunities for themselves and their families, so they can be come reintegrated into society and leave productive, celebrated lives.

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