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Participate in
World Continence
Awareness Week

From 18th to 24th June.

WCW 2017 materials have been made possible with the support of an unrestricted grant from B-wom, a women’s health organisation.

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Rare Disease Day 2018


The World Federation of Incontinence Patients is dedicated to promoting worldwide the interests of sufferers of incontinence and related pelvic floor disorders.

The WFIP provides its individual member associations with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information, guidelines, and educational resources. It seeks global cooperation and consensus via advocacy, public health education, and contact with official and scientific bodies and other patient advocacy groups.


The WFIP is mostly comprised of patient advocacy organizations, though doctors, non-government organizations, and non-commercial entities are welcome to become members of the WFIP. If you want to join us, please contact us here.

Developing international guidelines for patients in preventive, lifestyle measures to reduce risks of incontinence and when to seek help for symptoms;
Elevating the visibility of WFIP; and
Mentoring to give life to new patient advocacy groups in countries without a patient voice.


Entrepreneurial specialist, delivering true benefits to patients.

Our purpose explains why the Grünenthal team works with passion and dedication every day. It gives direction about the contribution each of us can make, and leads to a strong company dedicated to the patients’ needs.


Non-Invasive Urinary Incontinence Treatment – INNOVO®

Atlantic Therapeutics develops professional and consumer medical devices, related software, apps and connected health technologies to treat: all types of incontinence, sexual health dysfunctions, and other associated disorders. Our mission is to enable thousands of patients, each year, to restore their pelvic floor, and thereby their control, confidence and active lifestyle.


Digital health startup, offering self-care plans for women’s intimate health.

B-wom is changing self-care for women. We create preventive and personalized plans for female’s health. All personalized, we are able to have a positive impact on women’s health. We support women during all the moments of their lives and we are focused on raising awareness and prevention.

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